Product development life cycle for startups

Many people are with full of enthusiasm and commitment working of product development in every corner of the world. Everyone has a dream to make their best product and visualising a success through it.


Ask yourself a few questions:


  1. How your product helps human kind in any form like solving problems, providing entertainment, educating people etc..
  2. How much trust you have on your product ? This is the key to keep you motivated until product development life cycle and even after that.
  3. How many times a day or a week people will use your product ? This is called user engagement which gives your product an attention.
  4. What are the USP (Unique Selling Points) of your product ? List them out.

By doing above exercise, you will get an idea of your product capability and scalability.


There are mainly 2 important parts to make any product successful. One, is best quality product development and other is marketing to aware people about your product. Here, we are discussing only the development part of the product. We will discuss marketing part in the next article.


Product development life cycle :


Analysis: Before getting into any step towards the development, just start to analyse your product idea. Research on what is existing similar to your product. List out points which makes you differ from others.


Visualisation: After enough evidence to support your idea now its time to draw it on paper. Take a pen and start to draw the product diagram and its features. Using this practise you will get complete idea about the next phases like development, testing and deployment. In this part you need to take care of user engagement and easiness to use your product.


Development: Equally critical part just like the above 2 phases, as you need to choose in which technology you want to develop this product. So many technologies are in market to use and go but you need to figure out which technology is best suited to your product relating to its flexibility, scalability and most important data security.


Testing: Do as much testing as you can because as a user you always want to use the best quality product. Try to make a bug free product and make it stable.


As a product founder or co-founder you need to be very clear about the concept and visualisation of product, without that you can’t go ahead with the product. So if above 2 phases are taking your time don’t worry and be patience while prototyping a concept. Once everything is clear about the vision of the product and conceptualization ( Designs and Wireframe) go ahead with the next phases. Each and every phase has its own important so don’t miss or take it liberal.


If you have given your 100% on the above 4 phases then your development part of the product is executed successfully. Some of the things that you need to take care of are using tools, plugins or any kind of management platform to handle product life cycle.


Here, at Lionasys, we help those who want to build their product from scratch. We follow the ideal product development life cycle which guarantees quality product and help our clients to save time and money.

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