Trumps plan to curb H1B visa: Blessing in Disguise

Trumps “vision” to restrict H1B visas might do wonders for Outsourcing companies.


Take India as an example.


If the highly-skilled Computer geeks don’t get to go and live the Indian-American dream, they will end-up doing the same work in India (though they’ll cry more for this visa getting dumped than being dumped by their ex).


And since the Internet is now more reliable, closer, secure than the inter-continental relationships; Outsourcing the work to these same people would become a compulsion.


The reason a country gives visas to highly-skilled workers from other countries is simply because either those skills don’t exist in their region, or its demand number is higher than its supply, or its simply too expensive.


Unlike countries, a Business has no boundaries. Any business strives to flourish, to make money! And you make money by first saving it! So hiring cheaper resources (local or foreign) is a norm. When you have only a few $$ budget to buy a wine, you don’t buy a Chateau!


Continuing with the example, local I.T. developers are not cheap in the U S of A.


Average hourly cost of hiring a developer (in USA) is $50. While for the same price, you can get a bloody whole team in India. That too, equally (if not more) efficient. So then why in the hell would the small and medium sized companies in America hire a local I.T. guy. Not that they don’t want to. They’ll actually prefer to get a local American breed geek. But they simply can’t afford them. So they must look outside. No choice.


Whether its the I.T. or any other industry, honing a skillset requires time and efforts. Any country first needs to make policies which helps its education and business sectors to build these skillsets. Start utilizing it. And then finally it will have an ecosystem which creates, serves and provides to its own people.


Till then, Happy Outsourcing!

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